Semi Vanilla Free to Play Server

Mayans pyramid build by adhecs on Survival Mode

About Us

A Semi Vanilla Minecraft Server

Minelegacy is a Minecraft server that offers an immersive and exciting gaming experience. With its real IP and dedicated servers, Minelegacy ensures a smooth and lag-free gameplay. The server is located in Indonesia and supports the Minecraft Java version.

At Minelegacy, players can enjoy various features such as Discord integration, economy, land claim, ranks, and survival mode. Whether you prefer a vanilla Minecraft experience or want to explore custom gameplay elements, Minelegacy has something for everyone.

Join the vibrant community of Minelegacy and embark on thrilling adventures, build impressive structures, and interact with fellow players. Experience the joy of Minecraft in a well-maintained and friendly environment. Connect with Minelegacy and let your creativity soar!

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The main mode in Minecraft, where this mode is mandatory on our server. Show your survival skills here.


Get yourself a Clan to create the best clan base, conquer other clans that challenge you.

Auth System

Our authentication system is very sophisticated that can accept players with premium accounts and crack accounts.

Peek Prevention

Our system prevent other people from trying to log in using your username and peeking at your base location.


Basic economic features for you to make transactions and exchange goods with other players.

And Many More

Join us to play and experience the features available on this server, you will not be harmed.